We intertwine forces to deliver optimal drafting and comprehensive engineering services.

We are with you every step of the way, whether it’s from analysing a site’s suitability to handing you over to some of the most reputable builders after drafting completion.

  • Client briefing
  • 3D Renders
  • Customised floor plan
  • Up to 3 sets of revisions


  • CDC / DA Applications

    We assess the feasibility for each project and refer you to an application that is most appropriate to suit your living desires.

  • Drafting Services

    From exterior designs to custom interior plans, Inhaus can provide all inclusive drafting services to fit the needs of any project.

  • 3D Rendering Services

    3D rendering services allow you to visualise your home, landscapes, interiors and decor to envision the final outcome before commencement.

  • Interior Design

    We provide a complete experience with our sister company InHaus Interiors to deliver the highest quality home both inside and out.


In most cases, we will complete your project within six weeks from beginning to end.

Preliminary Stage

Follow Up

Fee Proposal

4 – 6 days


Concept Design

4 weeks

& Review

3 days


4 days

Our Process

  • 01
    Preliminary Stage

    After conducting your initial contact with our office, we will collect your information including a project overview and conduct preliminary investigations of the site to establish your requirements.

  • 02
    Follow up

    After establishing the above, the team will then schedule a 15 min zoom call to run through the process and provide any relevant information before providing a formal fee proposal.

  • 03
    Fee Proposal

    We will prepare your detailed fee proposal based on the design brief and specific requirements. Upon acceptance of the proposal, we then begin the planning process.

  • 04

    In this stage, we undertake a site analysis which also includes a land survey. Once armed with all the relevant information gathered, we explore structural ideas and spatial planning through a collaborative meeting. During this phase, we listen and observe your reactions, then refine the ideas according to your feedback until we reach an agreed-upon design direction to develop further in the following phases.

  • 05
    Concept Design

    Collaborating allows us to better understand your values and needs, resulting in a design that reflect your individuality with optimal functionality. We meet with you before developing a concept floor plan for your review. Once feedback is received and amendments are made, we then proceed with designing the concept design, capturing the structure and finer details of your space.

  • 06
    Documentation & Review

    Once the design is finalised, we then liaise with the town planner or PCA for review, dealing with council requirements to ensure that we achieve the best outcome for your project. We submit these drawings along with the various forms required for the permit application, monitor the progress during the review period, and give additional information or clarifications as requested.

  • 07

    Once we agree on the plans and have refined the details of the building materials we can then engage the relevant consultants. In this stage, we produce a series of 3D images to assists with the building process and allow the builders to provide quotations on the project.

  • 08

    We are happy to introduce our clients to a number of reputable contractors we work with and trust. Some clients already have a contractor in mind when they come to us, but many take advantage of our extensive relationships to find the most suitable parties to carry out the project.

Our Completed Projects

InHaus Designs prides itself on being able to construct any type of home/project to suit your needs. Our experience and wide expertise allows our team to sketch up and design the perfect home for you.

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