We are building designers with an eye for detail and devotion to contemporary, fully utilitarian designs through limitless design alternatives and project management amenities.

Our team is highly proficient and has years’ worth of compound experience. We pride ourselves on high-calibre workmanship and understand time moderation and the requirement to work within a budget. Our services encompass:

  • Innovative Residential Design

    We can create boundless value at every phase of your home design and development project.

  • High Calibre Home Design

    The design of unique residences with 
rich amenities crafting an unforgettable experience for home living.

  • Building Design

    We intertwine forces to deliver optimal drafting and comprehensive engineering services.


  • CDC / DA Applications

    We assess the feasibility for each project and refer you to an application that is most appropriate to suit your living desires.

  • Drafting Services

    From exterior designs to custom interior plans, Inhaus can provide all inclusive drafting services to fit the needs of any project.

  • 3D Rendering Services

    3D rendering services allow you to visualise your home, landscapes, interiors and decor to envision the final outcome before commencement.

  • Interior Design

    We provide a complete experience with our sister company InHaus Interiors to deliver the highest quality home both inside and out.

InHaus Designs have left a mark on almost every suburb in Sydney.

Working across the entire Sydney metropolitan region, InHaus Designs has an extensive variety of experience ranging across a vast portfolio of projects.

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