How to know which one to choose?

Do not fear, our friendly InHaus staff will assist you with deciding whether to carry out the job through a development application or a complying development certificate.

However, the both are related to the process of obtaining approval for new building or development projects and can guarantee you a finished product in the most efficient and cost effective manner best suited to your needs.

CDC / DA Applications
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Development Applications (DA)

Through years of experience and application, InHaus designs can confidently submit your project as a development application  and effectively make a request to the local government authority to seek approval for a proposed development or land use.

The process of submitting a development application typically involves providing detailed plans, specifications, and other information to demonstrate that the proposed development is compliant with relevant regulations, bylaws, and building codes. We work closely with the relevant council to ensure we stay on top of your projects progression as well as clarifying set backs and amending obstacles.

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Complying Development Codes (CDC)

InHaus Designs also has a great experience with complying development certificate codes. This is a type of approval that is granted by a private certifier or the local government authority for certain types of low-risk and straightforward development projects. In doing so, we attempt to save our clients time and money, so we assess the feasibility before we undertake any project.

Complying development typically involves minor alterations, additions, or new construction that comply with specific standards and requirements set out in relevant legislation or planning policies. To ensure the project runs smoothly, we work closely with the town planner for any reports or requirements which will further enhance and push the site to its maximum capacity.

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